A single-leg end table, but the wood leg is hollow. The table expresses itself as three distinct pieces and as a single unit, and can be easily disassembled for transportation. An unexpected hole in the center of the top reveals and speaks to the various wood and metalworking construction methods that gave rise to the piece; some digital, some analog: material selection, gluing up, planing, belt sanding, CNC flip milling, waterjet cutting, metal grinding, welding, more sanding, adhering wood to steel, more sanding, specifying glass cutting with a subcontractor. On a rainy weekend in the future, the pieces will be pre-stained, sanded more, stained, and sanded even more until the two end tables are complete.

STATUS: Academic design/Build, 5-week partner project with Kevin Bukowski
DATE:  Winter 2018
LOCATION: Ann Arbor, M