Governed as a jurisdiction of Washington D.C. but formally treated separately due to its placement across the Anacostia river, Anacostia is often seen as an outsider to the rest of the District. This exercise in site selection, site analysis, visualization, and small scale intervention is meant to address significant formal disparities between Anacostia and the rest of DC in order to facilitate community growth.  The rehabilitation and intervention proposes to promote interactivity by populating the space with accessible, modular elements and create a gateway by lifting and fastening an existing mural to allow passage underneath. The wood used in the modular shipping palettes recalls the wood formerly used to seal the reclaimed space beyond the brick wall. In two separate instances, existing barriers are reclaimed to gain new meaning and frame the space beyond. 

STATUS: Charrette for HKS Mid-Atlantic Design Fellowship
DATE: February 2014
LOCATION: Anacostia, Washington, DC